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Current Injection Kit, Impulse Voltage Test System, Recurrent Impulse Generator, AC/DC Kilovolt Meter, Earth Tester, Thickness Coating Gauge HV - 110 kv - Tester, Partial Discharge Detector all facilities are available in our products like Transmission Line Material and Substation Equipment, Load Break Switch, HTMC Panel, Metering Cubicle Panel, Single Phase Switch, Polymer and Porcelain Insulators, G.O.A.B. Switch, D.O. Fuse, Operating Rod, Discharging Rod, Lightening Arrestor, Earthing Electrode, Fuse Elements, Cable Jointing Kit, Street Light Pole, Crain Insulator, G.I. Shackle Straps, Bolts, Spindle, Clamps & Dise fittings, Stayset, Staywire, Turn-buckle, Earthing Material, Rubber handgloves, Rubber matting, AAAC & ACSR Conductor, P.G.Clamp, Sleeves, Connectors, Danger board, Tape Roll, Epoxy insulators, Transformer and CTPT, etc.